Your eyes are not deceiving you – our new Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream has arrived! We’re excited to expand our eye care offerings and share more about our new eye gel cream, conveniently (and gorgeously) housed in a slim rose gold pen. From how it’s formulated to how you should use it, we’re putting the spotlight on our latest piece of #EyeCandy!

What Is It?

Our Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream is a revolutionary pressed serum that dramatically diminishes the appearance of dark undereye circles, bags, puffiness, and fine lines. The result is a totally refreshed, revitalized appearance – no one will suspect that you spent all night hustling on your next project, scrolling through Instagram, or staring at the ceiling because you just couldn’t fall asleep.

The curved tip of the hygenic applicator is precise, comfortable, and simple to use, producing an effect similar to gently massaging the delicate eye area. This delivery method allows the serum to be swiftly absorbed.

With a singular formula that infuses the treatment properties of a serum into a moisturizing cream, the resulting product has a pleasantly pudding-like texture that luxuriously melts into the skin for a cloud-like, breathable hydration that you’ve never experienced elsewhere.

Not only that, but the formulation is packed with aquatic skin-nourishing actives to treat and protect dry, damaged skin. More on those below!

Key Active Ingredients

Algae Complex
The star of this show! Our Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream is infused with a potent extract from mineral-rich blue-green algae harvested from the Klamath Lake in Oregon. This chlorophyll-rich active contains particular anti-aging and nourishing agents that visibly soothe, firm, and tone the tender skin around the eyes:
-Vitamins A, C, E, and K in Chlorophyll to defend against damage from free radicals while improving skin tone.
-Minerals including calcium, potassium, and zinc for maximum protection and skin-strengthening effects.
-Amino acids to aid in the build up of collagen to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
-Fatty acids and lipids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, to plump and hydrate the skin.

Plant Extract & Peptides Complex
Algae’s not the only botanical active in our Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream. Plant Extract and a Peptides Complex work together to reduce a puffy appearance, dark circles, and bags under the eyes.

Apple Extract
Here’s some food for thought: ingredients you can eat tend to have properties that make them ideal for skincare. In this case, Apple Extract is a natural source of both Vitamin C and Pectin, which aid in the ability to brighten dark circles.

Who Should Use It & When?
Whether you had a particularly hard time falling asleep, long night out, or simply want to give your eye area some extra love, this gel cream is for you. It’s perfect to use solo or as an on-the-go sister product to our fan-favorite Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask.

Use our Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream daily – morning and night – after cleansing!

How To Use It
Be careful the very first time you use it, as it takes a couple pumps just to release the cream. Once released, pump once or twice per use, applying the cream in a upward motion around the eye area. Gently pat in any remaining serum with fingertip. For an enhanced cooling effect, keep it in your refrigerator!