7 Things We’re Loving In Skin & Beauty Right Now

Get the skin and beauty inspiration you didn’t know you needed with our current favorite trends. From nail art to makeup looks to the future of ingredients, this list has a little something for everyone. What are you loving in skin and beauty right now?

1. No-makeup Makeup Look

Keeping it natural and neutral, this trend is all about looking effortless yet still put together. The key to owning this look is owning your complexion, so don’t skimp on cleansing and moisturizing. Your bright eyes, flushed cheeks, and dewy skin will be all the more radiant for it.

To create this look, start it off with some advice from our girl Marilyn (yes, Monroe) and skip the foundation; she is known to have said, “I love to forego foundation altogether for everyday life.” Instead, do a spot-check with concealer, targeting blemishes or redness with a small, flat brush. Use a cream eyeshadow in a shade as close as possible to your own skin tone, with a lighter shade in the inner corners to brighten the overall effect, then finish it off with cream blush instead of powder.

2. Lash Lifts

The ‘80s perm is back but this time it’s here for our lashes. We love this trend because it’s a way to make the most of your natural lashes by curling them into shape with a chemical solution. The process only takes about an hour, lasts for up to 6-8 weeks, and allows you to skip a few steps in your routine. What could be better?

3. Dewy Skin

Speaking of dewy skin, this is one trend we’ve been riding for a hot minute. This one goes back: apparently Cleopatra used to achieve her own dewy complexion all the way in 330 BC using olive oil! (Luckily, ingredients have come so far since then.) The whole world is finally catching up, ‘cause dewy skin is officially everywhere. Get right to the point with our oil-serum hybrid Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum, providing the ultimate in hydration for the essence of dewy skin.

4. Dermaplaning

The single most requested skin treatment in New York right now, dermaplaning is all the rage for a reason: this chemical-less exfoliation is basically like shaving your face to rid it of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. People are seriously drawn to this treatment because it makes your face feel extremely soft and looks slightly brighter. Not only will your skincare and makeup go on much more smoothly, but your skincare will also better permeate your skin since it doesn’t have all those pesky dead skin cells in the way.

5. Curly/Natural Hair

Again and again on this list you’ll see us embracing the natural look. Curly hair and natural hair textures are a perfect, beautiful example. There are lots of ways to style curly hair, but your face shape is the best way to determine the right look for you. We’re especially loving the voluminous look of a rounded cut.

6. Influencers Getting Real

Hand in hand with keeping it natural, influencers are starting to show another side to themselves, a realness that we totally appreciate. From “getting real” moments where influencers share what’s going on in the background of their perfect posts in the spirit of mental health awareness to the shift toward non-retouched photos and real faces (perfectly exemplified by @ssssamanthaa), we welcome it all.

7. Clean Ingredients

As part of a broader shift toward a healthier world and lifestyle, brands are leaning in on clean ingredients (and sustainable packaging) and we couldn’t be more on board. In this context, for an ingredient to be considered clean means that its effects on both human and environmental health have been taken into consideration, with a nontoxic element as the base and plant-based active ingredients for the desired specific results.

Clean ingredients, which are already used in many of our products, will be standard practice in the future for all brands. 13 of our present formulas are already clean, including all the cleansing bars, Light Controlling Lotion, Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion, and our brand new AHA Resurfacing Sleep Serum.

We’re proud to be expanding our use of clean formulas in the future – stay tuned to learn more about our own Clean Promise.

In the meantime, be aware of the most common toxic ingredients to be avoided: Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Fragrance, Urea, Synthetic Dyes, and others.

Photo Credits

First photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Third photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash